2 Layers Irregular Flex Circuit Board

Short Description:

  • Model NO.: PCB-A25
  • Layer: 2L
  • Dimension: 74mm*72.4mm
  • Base Material: PI
  • Board Thickness: 0.2mm
  • Surface Funish: /
  • Copper Thickness: 1.0oz
  • Solder mask color: Amber
  • Legend color: White
  • Definitions: IPC Class2
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    Model No.: PCB-A25
    Material Polymide
    Certification UL, ISO9001&14001, SGS, RoHS, Ts16949
    Definitions IPC Class2
    Special Requirement Quick Turn
    HS Code 85340090
    Origin: Made in Shenzhen
    Production Capacity: 720,000 M2/Year

    Product Description

    Flexible PCBs are a type of printed circuit board that can be bent and twisted without damaging the circuitry. At our PCB manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, we offer a wide range of flexible PCBs, including our Irregular Flex Circuit Board model no. PCB-A25.

    Our Irregular Flex Circuit Board has a dimension of 74mm*72.4mm and is made of PI (polyimide) base material, with a board thickness of 0.2mm and a copper thickness of 1.0oz. It is designed to meet IPC Class2 specifications, ensuring its high reliability and quality. The solder mask color is Amber, which enhances the PCB's visual appeal.

    At our facility, we use the latest manufacturing technology and equipment to ensure that our flexible PCBs are produced with precision and efficiency. Our Irregular Flex Circuit Board is designed to meet the demands of a wide range of applications, including automotive, medical, industrial, and aerospace industries.

    Our Irregular Flex Circuit Board is vacuum-packed for safe transportation and is certified by UL, ISO9001&14001, SGS, RoHS, and Ts16949, making it suitable for use in various applications. It has an HS Code of 85340090 and is made in China.

    In summary, our Irregular Flex Circuit Board is a high-quality, reliable, and durable printed circuit board that can meet the most demanding industry standards. If you are looking for a flexible PCB for your project, consider our Irregular Flex Circuit Board model no. PCB-A25. At our PCB manufacturing facility, we ensure that all of our products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability.



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    Q1: What Files are required for RFQ?

    Send us your Gerber Files, product requirements, such as quantity, surface finish (HASL,ENIG,OSP and so on)

    Q2: What is a Flexible PCB?

    Flexible PCB stands for flexible Printed Circuit Board. It is a type of circuit board that is designed to be flexible and can bend and twist without breaking. It is commonly used in electronic devices where space is limited, and traditional rigid circuit boards would be too bulky or inflexible.

    Q3: What is Polyimide?

    Polyimide is a type of high-temperature-resistant polymer with excellent electrical insulation properties. It is commonly used in the manufacturing of Flexible PCBs due to its flexibility and durability. Polyimide is a key component in Flexible PCBs as it provides the necessary properties to withstand the flexibility and movement of the board.

    Q4: What PCB certificate does ABIS have?

    ISO9001, ISO14001,UL & Canada UL, SGS, IFA16949, and RoHS report. We have great confidence in your product.

    Q5: How can we request for a Quick Turn Order?

    Please tell us your delivery time demand when RFQ, we will give you two prices about normal price and quick turn price. The Quick turn orders require us to cooperate with each other and follow up with more frequent frequency.

    Q6: What shipping methods do you recommend for deliveries?

    A: For deliveries, we recommend using DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT forwarders.

    Q7: What are the shipping fees?

    A: The shipping fees are provided based on the rules set by the express company, with no additional charges.

    Q8: How are your products priced?

    A: Our product pricing mechanism is subject to change based on market factors and supply. After your company sends an inquiry, we will provide you with an updated price list.

    Q9: What are the available payment methods?

    A: We offer several payment options, including T/T, PayPal, and Western Union.

    Q10: Is it possible to obtain samples for testing?

    A: Yes, we're happy to provide module samples for quality testing, and mixed sample orders are also available. Please note that the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs.

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