The test and Inspection process of PCB

Manufacturing Printed Circuits Board is a precision work, which has more than 20 main processes. So it is significant to screen defective boards and make sure every leave-factory PCB is 100% fully functional.

Here are the PCB test and inspection process services provided by ABIS:


Contouring and Size Checking- After electrical, our factory will use the routing machine or V-Cut machine to create the final shape of the PCB. The marker will inspect the PCB size with the demand.


AOI - Automated Optical Inspection

Electrical Testing - Also known as E-testing. Our factory will test if the PCB has any open/short defects with the probe or Jig in the electrical testing.

FQC - Final Quality Control. Every PCB is 100% manually visually inspected before packing and leaving the factory. It can filtrate the poor appearance of PCB that was not detected in the above processes and bad boards caused by bumps during transportation.

Function Testing- We also provide customized functional testing services.


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Post time: Dec-20-2023