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Basic Info Model No.: PCB-A45, a 2-layer FR4 PCB, 1.5mm thickness with 1.5oz copper, ensures excellent performance in signal transmission and heat control. Our advanced HASL surface provides exceptional durability. Vibrant green mask, white legend, and 151.7*74.7mm size enhance visual appeal and integration. With a focus on precision, we exceed industry standards through rigorous testing. Partner with us for custom design, manufacturing, and assembly solutions. Expect open communication, timely delivery, and unmatched reliability for your success.

  • Model NO.: PCB-A45
  • Layer: 2L
  • Dimension: 151.7mm*74.7mm
  • Base Material: FR4
  • Board Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Surface Funish: HASL
  • Copper Thickness: 1.5oz
  • Solder mask color: Green
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    Manufacturing info

    Model No. PCB-A45
    Assembly method SMT
    Transport package Anti-static Packaging
    Certification UL, ISO9001&14001, SGS, RoHS, Ts16949
    Definitions IPC Class2
    Minimum Space/Line 0.075mm/3mil
    Application Communication
    Origin Made in China
    Production Capacity 720,000 M2/Year

    Product Description

    PCBA Projects Introduction

    ABIS CIRCUITS Company deliver services, not only products. We offer solutions, not only goods.

    From the PCB production, the components purchasing to the components assemble. Includes:

    PCB Custom

    PCB drawing / design according to your schematic diagram

    PCB manufacturing

    Component sourcing

    PCB Assemble

    PCBA 100% test

    what can we do

    Production Processes
    Material Receiving → IQC → Stock → Material to SMT → SMT Line Loading → Solder Paste/Glue Printing → Chip Mount → Reflow → 100% Visual Inspection → Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) → SMT QC Sampling → SMT Stock → Material to PTH → PTH Line Loading → Plated Through Hole → Wave Soldering → Touch Up → 100% Visual Inspection → PTH QC Sampling → In-Circuit Test (ICT) → Final Assembly → Functional Test (FCT) → Packing → OQC Sampling → Shipping

    PCBA Capabilities

    1 SMT assembly including BGA assembly
    2 Accepted SMD chips: 0204, BGA, QFP, QFN, TSOP
    3 Component height: 0.2-25mm
    4 Min packing: 0204
    5 Min distance among BGA : 0.25-2.0mm
    6 Min BGA size: 0.1-0.63mm
    7 Min QFP space: 0.35mm
    8 Min assembly size: (X*Y): 50*30mm
    9 Max assembly size: (X*Y): 350*550mm
    10 Pick-placement precision: ±0.01mm
    11 Placement capability: 0805, 0603, 0402
    12 High pin count press fit available
    13 SMT capacity per day: 80,000 points

    Capability - SMT


     9(5 Yamaha,4KME)


    52 million placements per month

    Max Board Size


    Min Component size

    0201-54 sq.inch),long connector,CSP,BGA,QFP


    0.15 sec/chip,0.7 sec/QFP

    Capability - PTH



    Max board width

    400 mm


    Dual wave

    Pbs status

    Lead-free line support

    Max temp

    399 degree C

    Spray flux




    Quality Control

    What is your quality control process01
    AOI Testing Checks for solder pasteChecks for components down to 0201 

    Checks for missing components, offset, incorrect parts, polarity

    X-Ray Inspection X-Ray provides high-resolution inspection of:BGAs/Micro BGAs/Chip scale packages /Bare boards
    In-Circuit Testing In-Circuit Testing is commonly used in conjunction with AOI minimizing functional defects caused by component problems.
    Power-up Test Advanced Function TestFlash Device Programming 

    Functional testing

        • IOC incoming inspection
        • SPI solder paste inspection
        • Online AOI inspection
        • SMT first article inspection
        • External assessment
        • X-RAY-welding inspection
        • BGA device rework
        • QA inspection
        • Anti-static warehousing and shipment


    certificate2 (1)
    certificate2 (2)
    certificate2 (4)
    certificate2 (3)


    Q1: Can you manufacture my PCBs from a picture file?

    No, we can't accpet picture files, if you no not have gerber file, can you send us sample to copy it.

    PCB&PCBA Copy Process

    Can you manufacture my PCBs from a picture file01

    Q2: What's your package for PCBA?

    ABIS CIRCUITS Company is not only trying to give customers a good product, but also pay attention to offering a complete and safe package. Also, we prepare some personalized services for all the orders.


    -Common packaging:

    • PCB: Sealed bag, Anti-static bags, Suitable carton.
    • PCBA: Antistatic foam bags, Anti-static bags, Suitable carton.
    • Customized Packaging: The carton outside will be printed the name of the customer address, mark, the customer needs to specify the destination and other information.

    -Delivery Tips:

    • For small package, we advise to choose byExpress or DDU service is the quickest way.
    • For heavy package, the best solution is by sea transportation.
    Q3: What is the difference between PCB and PCBA?

    A PCB is a board with copper tracks and pads that connect electronic components. PCBA refers to the assembly of components onto a PCB to create a functioning electronic device.

    Q4: What is the purpose of solder paste in PCBA?

    Solder paste is used to temporarily hold electronic components in place before they are permanently attached to the PCB during the reflow soldering process.

    Q5: How are PCBs tested after assembly?

    PCBs are tested using various methods, including visual inspection, functional testing, and automated testing equipment.

    Q6: How do you test and control the quality?

    Our Quality Assuring Procedures as below:

    a),Visual Inspection

    b),Flying probe, fixture tool

    c), Impedance control

    d), Solder-ability detection

    e), Digital metallograghic microscope

    f),AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

    Q7: What do you require in order to produce an assembly quotation?

    To ensure an accurate quote, be sure to include the following information for your project:

    • Complete GERBER files including the BOM list
    • Quantities
    • Turn time
    • Panelization Requirements
    • Materials Requirements
    • Finish requirements


    Bill of materials (BOM) detailing:

    a), Manufacturers parts numbers,

    b), Components suppliers' parts number (e.g. Digi-key, Mouser, RS )

    c), PCBA sample photos if possible.

    d), Quantity

    Q8: What kinds of testing do you have?

    ABlS performs 100% visual and AOl inspection as well as performing electrical testing, high voltage testing, impedancecontrol testing, micro-sectioning, thermal shock testing, solder testing, reliability testing, insulating resistance testing, ionic cleanliness testing and PCBA Functional testing.

    Q9: Why choose us?

    ·With ABIS, customers significantly and effectively reduce their global procurement costs. Behind each service provided by ABIS, is hidden a cost-saving for customers.

    . We have two shops together, one is for prototype, quick turn, and small volume making. The other is for mass production also for the HDI board, with highly skilled professional employees, for high-quality products with competitive prices and on-time delivery.

    . We provide very professional sales, technical and logistic support, on a worldwide basis with 24 hours of complaint feedback.

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