4 Layers FR4 PCB Board with ENIG 2U” for Energy System

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Basic Info Model No. PCB-A36, designed specifically for energy systems. With our customized PCB manufacturing services, we ensure top-notch quality and precision. Our state-of-the-art factory employs advanced technologies to deliver exceptional results, meeting the unique requirements of energy-related applications. The board boasts excellent electrical properties, high thermal conductivity, and outstanding durability. Its four-layer design allows for enhanced functionality and efficient signal transmission. Benefit from our factory’s expertise and experience, providing you with superior customized solutions for your energy system needs.

  • Model NO.: PCB-A36
  • Layer: 4L
  • PCB Dimension: 78mm*125mm
  • Base Material: FR4
  • Board Thickness: 2.0mm
  • Surface Funish: ENIG 2U''(min)
  • Copper Thickness: 2.5oz
  • Solder mask color: Red
  • Definitions: IPC Class2
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    Basic Info

    Model No. PCB-A36
    Transport package Vacuum Packing
    Certification UL, ISO9001&14001, SGS, RoHS, Ts16949
    Definitions IPC Class2
    Minimum Space/Line 0.075mm/3mil
    HS Code 85340090
    Origin Made in China
    Production Capacity 720,000 M2/Year

    Product Description

    Technical & Capability

    This high-quality Printed Circuit Board has been designed with the latest technology to meet the demanding needs of modern electronic applications. The Micro Half-hole ENIG Circuit Board is a 2-layer board with a compact dimension of 53.8mm*51.2mm and a base material of FR4, ensuring its durability and reliability.

    The Micro Half-hole ENIG Circuit Board is equipped with half-holes and BGA (Ball Grid Array) technology, enabling it to have a higher density of components, making it ideal for applications with limited space.

    Our Micro Half-hole ENIG Circuit Board features an Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) surface finish with a minimum thickness of 1U'' - a high-quality finish that provides superior conductivity, long-term stability, and corrosion resistance. The copper thickness of 1.0oz further enhances the board's performance, making it suitable for high-speed data transmission and other high-demanding applications.

    The green solder mask and white legend color give the board a professional look, making it a perfect fit for applications in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. The Micro Half-hole ENIG Circuit Board meets IPC Class2 standards, ensuring its reliability and quality for critical applications.

    As a leading PCB OEM manufacturer, we are committed to providing high-quality Printed Circuit Boards for all your electronic needs. Order the Micro Half-hole ENIG Circuit Board from us today and experience the ultimate in reliability and quality in your electronic designs.

    Item Production Capacity
    Layer Counts 1-32
    Material FR-4, High TG FR-4, PTFE, Aluminum Base, Cu base, Rogers, Teflon, etc
    Maximum  Size 600mm X1200mm
    Board Outline Tolerance ±0.13mm
    Board Thickness 0.20mm--8.00mm
    Thickness Tolerance(t≥0.8mm) ±10%
    Thickness  Tolerancc(t<0.8mm) ±0.1mm
    Insulation Layer Thickncss 0.075mm--5.00mm
    Minimum  Iine 0.075mm
    Minimum  Space 0.075mm
    Out Layer Copper Thickness 18um--350um
    Inner Layer Copper Thickness 17um--175um
    Drilling Hole(Mechanical) 0.15mm--6.35mm
    Finish Hole(Mechanical) 0.10mm--6.30mm
    Diameter Tolerance(Mechanical) 0.05mm
    Registration(Mechanical) 0.075mm
    Aspecl Ratio 16:01
    Solder Mask Type LPI
    SMT Mini.Solder Mask Width 0.075mm
    Mini.Solder Mask Clearance 0.05mm
    Plug Hole Diameter 0.25mm--0.60mm
    Impedance Control Tolerance 10%
    Surface  Finish HASL/HASL-LF, ENIG, Immersion Tin/Silver, Flash Gold, OSP ,Gold finger, Hard Gold

    Where does the resin material come from in ABIS?

    Most of them from Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. (SYTECH), who has been the world's second largest CCL manufacturer in terms of sales volume, from 2013 to 2017. We established long-term relations of cooperation since 2006. The FR4 resin material (Model S1000-2, S1141, S1165, S1600) are mainly used for making single and double-sided printed circuit boards as well as multi-layer boards. Here comes details for your reference.

    For FR-4: Sheng Yi, King Board, Nan Ya, Polycard, ITEQ, ISOLA

    For CEM-1 & CEM 3: Sheng Yi, King Board

    For High Frequency : Sheng Yi

    For UV Cure:  Tamura, Chang Xing ( * Available colour : Green) Solder for Single Side

    For Liquid Photo: Tao Yang, Resist (Wet Film)

    Chuan Yu ( * Available colors : White, Imaginable Solder Yellow, Purple, Red, Blue, Green,  Black)

    Q/T Lead Time

    Category Quickest Lead Time Normal Lead Time
    Double-sided 24hrs 120hrs
    4 Layers 48hrs 172hrs
    6 Layers 72hrs 192hrs
    8 Layers 96hrs 212hrs
    10 Layers 120hrs 268hrs
    12 Layers 120hrs 280hrs
    14 Layers 144hrs 292hrs
    16-20 Layers Depends on the specific requirements
    Above 20 Layers Depends on the specific requirements

    Quality Control

    China Multilayer PCB Board 6layers ENIG Printed Circult Board with Filled Vias in IPC Class 3-22


    certificate2 (1)
    certificate2 (2)
    certificate2 (4)
    certificate2 (3)
    1. Why choose us?

    ·With ABIS, customers significantly and effectively reduce their global procurement costs. Behind each service provided by ABIS, is hidden a cost-saving for customers.

    . We have two shops together, one is for prototype, quick turn, and small volume making. The other is for mass production also for the HDI board, with highly skilled professional employees, for high-quality products with competitive prices and on-time delivery.

    . We provide very professional sales, technical and logistic support, on a worldwide basis with 24 hours of complaint feedback.


    Q1:What is your factory environment like
    Q2: Can you provide free samples for me?

    A: Free samples depend on your order quantity.

    Q3: How do you test and control the quality?

    Our Quality Assuring Procedures as below:

    a),Visual Inspection

    b),Flying probe, fixture tool

    c), Impedance control

    d), Solder-ability detection

    e), Digital metallograghic microscope

    f),AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

    Q4: How many days will the sample be finished? And how about the mass production?

    A: Generally 2-3 days for sample making. The lead time of mass production will depend on the order quantity and the season you place the order.

    Q5: Which regions does your market mainly cover?

    ABIS's Main Industries: Industrial Control, Telecommunication, Automotive Products and Medical.                                                                                                                                                                             ABIS's Main Market: 90% International Market(40%-50% for USA, 35% for Europe, 5% for Russia and 5%-10% for East Asia) and 10% Domestic Market.

    Q6: How can we know the processing of PCB orders?

    A: Each Customer will have a sale to contact with you. Our working hours: AM 9:00-PM 19:00(Beijing Time) from Monday to Friday. We will reply to your email as soon as quickly during our working time. And you also could contact our sales by cellphone if urgent.

    Q7: Pre-Sale and After-Sale Service?

    a),1 Hour quotation

    b),2 hours of complaint feedback

    c),7*24 hour technical support

    d),7*24 order service

    e),7*24 hour delivery

    f),7*24 production run

    Q8: Can you design PCB and make files for us?

    A: yes, We have a professional drawing engineers' team that you can trust.

    Q9: How about your Quick Turn Service?

    On time delivery rate is more than 95%

    a),24 hours fast turn for double side prototype PCB

    b),48hours for 4-8 layers prototype PCB

    c),1 hour for quotation

    d),2 hours for engineer question/Complaint feedback

    e),7-24 hours for technical support/order service/manufacturing operations

    Q10: What is the shipping method?

    A: We suggest you use DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT forwarder.

    Q11: How about the payment terms?

    A: By T/T, Paypal, Western Union, etc.

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