Chemistry Monitor Upper PCBA Module

Short Description:

  • Model NO.: PCB-A20
  • Layer: 2L
  • Dimension: 18.50mm*30.00mm
  • Base Material: FR4
  • Board Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Surface Funish: HASL-LF
  • Copper Thickness: 1.0oz
  • Solder mask color: Green
  • Legend color: White
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    Manufacturing info

    Model No. PCB-A20
    Assembly method SMT
    Transport package

    Anti-static Packaging

    Certification UL, ISO9001&14001, SGS, RoHS, Ts16949
    Definitions IPC Class2
    Minimum Space/Line 0.075mm/3mil
    Application Switch
    Origin Made in China
    Production Capacity 720,000 M2/Year

    Product Description

    Technical & Capability

    At ABIS Circuits, we are proud to offer high-quality PCB Assembly services to our customers worldwide. With our cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, we are able to provide fast and efficient services that meet the highest industry standards.

    Introducing our Model No. PCB-A20, a 2-layer PCB with a dimension of 18.50mm*30.00mm, and a board thickness of 1.6mm. This PCB is made from high-quality FR4 base material, making it strong and durable, suitable for a wide range of applications.

    The assembly method used for this PCB is SMT, which stands for Surface Mount Technology. SMT is a technique that involves mounting electronic components directly onto the surface of the PCB, resulting in a more compact and efficient design. With SMT, components can be mounted on both sides of the board, allowing for more complex designs.

    In addition to SMT, we also use DIP, which stands for Dual In-line Package, for certain components that cannot be mounted using SMT technology. This combination of SMT and DIP allows us to achieve the best possible PCB Assembly results, with a highly efficient and reliable design.

    At ABIS Circuits, we are committed to providing the best possible services to our customers, with fast delivery times, excellent quality, and competitive prices. Our experienced and skilled team of engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing you with the best possible solution for your PCB Assembly needs.

    In addition to PCB Assembly services, we also offer a wide range of other products and services, including PCB design, PCB manufacturing, and PCB testing. With our comprehensive range of services, we are the one-stop-shop for all your PCB needs.

    Contact us today to learn more about our PCB Assembly services and how we can help you meet your electronic design and manufacturing needs. We are looking forward to enlarge your business.


    Quality Control

    China Multilayer PCB Board 6layers ENIG Printed Circult Board with Filled Vias in IPC Class 3-22


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    1. What is the dimension of the module?

    Answer: The dimension of the module is 18.50mm x 30.00mm.

    2. What is the base material used in the module?

    Answer: The base material used in the module is FR4.

    3. What is the assembly method used for the module?

    Answer: The assembly method used for the module is SMT.

    4. What certifications does the module have?

    Answer: The module is certified with UL, ISO9001&14001, SGS, RoHS, Ts16949.

    5. What is the production capacity of the module per year?

    Answer: The production capacity of the module per year is 720,000 M2.

    6. What is the layer count of the PCBA module?

    Answer: The layer count of the PCBA module is 2 Layers.

    7. What is the minimum space/line of the module?

    Answer: The minimum space/line of the module is 0.075mm/3mil.

    8. What is the application of the module?

    Answer: The application of the module is switch.

    9. Where is the module manufactured?

    Answer: The module is manufactured and assembled in Shenzhen.

    10. What is the transport package of the module?

    Answer: The transport package of the module is anti-static packaging.

    11: What payment methods do you accept?

    A: We accept T/T, PayPal, and Western Union as well.

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